Meet Author Chef Anand Mittal

Last updated: 19.07.2017

The cookery books- Simply Cooking, Theory and Principles and Simply Cooking, Practical are Anand's debut. Anand is a postgraduate in Business Administration (HR) and a 3 years' diploma holder in hotel management (1986). He was Chef in five star hotels of India and abroad for 12 years and has been a senior academician since the last 18 years.  Read more ....

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Star of the day

-Excerpt from
Simply Cooking,

What will you miss by playing safe??
It began the way all adventures do,
With passion and a desire to push myself to the edge,
to reach a point of no return, to take risks & challenge myself too.
Sometimes the path was treacherous,

time was a perpetual enemy,
getting up from the couch & entering the unknown,
but passion & zeal somehow saw it through.
In the quest to write it all, there were faltering times,
mind burdened with fatigue,
there were *guardian angels who would, with kind words,
reinforce my belief in the books' fecundity anew.
A dream has been delivered:
"Simply Cooking, in all its glory & verity,
with hope in my heart & fingers crossed,
I present at last, this lasting legacy to you.
Chef Anand Mittal