Simply Cooking : Theory and Principles
Chef Anand Mittal

This book simplifies cookery theory putting all its principles together under one cover, in a simple language.  It is a must for all hotel management and craft course students. With its help, teachers will get more time to teach and students more time learn rather than search and deliberate from the innumerable scattered resources and yet not be satisfied with their findings as most of what is available on the subject today has not been written specifically for them.
ISBN:  978-81-887821-4-7              Rs. 350.00

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Description of the book in Hindi


Simply Cooking : Practical

Chef Anand Mittal

This book is includes basic recipes of the Continental kitchen, Bakery and Indian kitchen. It features over hundred 3-4 course well planned menus of Indian and International cuisine, along with detailed recipes of each menu item.  Diligent efforts have been put in this book to simplify the great art of cooking.  After all, the best way to a person's heart, is definitely through the stomach!

ISBN:  978-81-932032-1-7             Rs. 495.00